En voyage

En voyage

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They say it’s not where you are

it’s who you’re with

if so then paradise won’t let me in alone.

travel with me always if your mother sleeps too long

pack up an empty bag and see the world with me

all this just to experience life with a soul like you

we could be wealthy in Paris by daylight, eat casseroles

poor and homeless by moon time, sleep under the bridge London

dive deep seas with our eyes open there is love in waters too

I could be angry and pick fights with you on roman streets

play your music for me on the holy grounds of Israel.

everyone would stop to listen to the sound of peace.

who in Italy would notice we were trespassers?

where in the Sidney opera house would we sit without paying a dime

the only dime I know is you.

the Miami sun will race me to kissing you

the biggest yes I will ever utter is the one just before

you ask me to take us to a cathedral

and the best things are saved for last

but my philosophy is different, maybe true

perhaps misguided

I am a fool and I solely rely on heaven

And lately I have been persuaded

by my heart’s wisdom to be out giving to you

Without the end in mind.

We are yet to, Befriend continents…

Make countless mistakes…

Keep promises …

You haven’t hated me yet.

And bounced back to loving me

We need to test our truce with trials

Love is difficult

I know a war when I see one.

And I choose you.