Back to retrograde

Back to retrograde

150 150 poetnari

I choke across the room

seeing her pouring out to a stranger again.

and I can tell she is  looking to be experienced.

I tell her about how rare she is.

‘you have so much to give you’re oozing.

i’ve stuck around and i know you.

you’re a mass of nights spent on the roof.

there’s a place uptown that plays your music

head on over there and your karaoke steals the show…

and your mornings are dedicated to your house hold

such a home maker.

afternoons surrounded by tall ball players.

and that’s okay,

the captain is your brother.

but see, that’s not why you are on the team Sherry.

11 grown up men keeping you around,

there’s not a single one of them

who can score you…’

i’m on the other end of each pick up line they throw at her

laughing at how sour she finds them all to be.

old fashioned is her type of love

she just wants her hand held

and her afro complimented


my love kid.

 says she’ll hop into the back seat of anyone who’ll

drive her to an 80’s thing.

stuck in the 21st century

who’s gonna take her back to retrograde?

 Janet and Michael  -  your sister always has your back.






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