Baby the sun and I

Baby the sun and I

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I see you bloom everyday

Here in the only front row seat

A bed full of your absence.

I would fancy getting caught up in you

When your petals shut

And see what happens when

you’re hidden and in teaching.

I’m curious and slightly dizzy

about being in your space

so by default I release a scent

just for your consent

and You ‘leased yours back

So what do you think of the cloud we’ve made

I swear I see you bloom everyday

Oh I’m coming at ya

With all that I’m soaked in

I hope it’s enough

where i am at the moment

i hope its enough

because I’m nervous

not quite the blossomed one…

so forget the thorns that prick you

if you pick me.

I’ll tell you where they came from

It’s no cause for fuss baby

I’m a healed one

I’m a simple one

Designed for a specific one.

The moon is harsh about our petals being open in the night

So I fall asleep lushly

Drinking from the cloud we caused

Baby the sun and I

Are going to be right where you left us

Baby the sun and I.

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