Betray yourself

Betray yourself

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It’s what you do

You call us by name.

There you did it

In a multitude of voices

You uttered my name.

Said that you thought about me on the cross

Said you need me to gaze just once…

Oh what love resonated in your voice

I hesitate

you repitate

I hesitate

You repitate

 pursuing me like a perfect song

Wanting me to sing back.

So I turned.

The first betrayal to myself

And I gazed at love

Deep into His perfection

I saw the defeat of my hesitation.

You knew this would happen

It’s all it took

For you to call me home

 With the sound of your pursuit

In how you sang sorrow

when you died because of me

You sang freedom

when you came back for me

You sang love

when you called out to me.

i give in.

Strings of my salvation

Plucked by my savior

I’m listening.

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