Different chatty

Different chatty

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It was absurd

how chatty I was that night.


Are you never traumatized by the parrot I might actually be.

the miracle Is that

I picked it up when

Somewhere in between the phone call.

you suddenly  stopped talking back

Just like that.

No cause. no reason.

You were inviting me into a different type of chatty.

love, how rude…

at first.

until i adjusted to the silence.

a part of you was still speaking…

Commanding the same part of me to

start speaking too.

It took me some words further down my mind

Before my heart told my head to quit thinking

And so I stopped talking.

or thinking, about talking.

There was a whole language waiting on us

 to provoke it.

intense was the air.

Liquid was the feel.

my inner being was glad to be

 addressing it’s own kind.

We ‘talked’

without words


no matter how hard i try

I can’t re-live it in my mind or soul

That’s not where it happened

damn it…

and i get moody about how

There is no poetry rich enough

To describe the realm where the highest being…

Is not

a human being.

(no picture is yet to match the sentiments of this piece)

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