Dream of me to summon me

Dream of me to summon me

150 150 poetnari

I miss you but I can’t be with you, damned distance

I’m sending air waves to cloud your face and deliver my scent

I’m asking God to let us see each other in your dreams every day

On Monday you’d dream us playing with our babies our angels

I’d sleep in zero lipstick waiting for Tuesday woos

To finish up where we left off in our last evening’s oos

It’s no secret we are apart, the universe is spying on me and you


And the astronauts are seeing my emotions distorting the constellations

My ying and yen are making friends so they can forge my happiness.

You will find out I got a monkey as soon as you went

Let’s be honest I am in need of gorilla hugs

I knew it would be difficult as hell with you gone

But I robbed a wise man’s knowledge

And I worked on some laboratory love

I sought a way to see you, now I know.

I know that I need you to sleep
And Dream.

dream of me, so as to summon me I will come running…

and we can spend time with each other in illusions

close yet far yet close, yet far.

But when you wake up my love,

Keep walking around like we didn’t discover this

No one needs to know we discovered this

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