Fashioned for keeps

Fashioned for keeps

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📱1 message from ‘Elijah 💍’

” my eyes were dull before they preyed you.

 heart was lame before it prayed you.

funny girl. hot temper

slow down.

i’m not going anywhere.

Been waiting to brag about that smile of yours,

must be a currency somewhere.

Auspicious and rare in worth, 

cased in a locket that didn’t have value

until you were put in it.


And fools leave scratches on you

trying to open you up.

instead of putting you in their hearts.

And waiting for you to offer your love.

Apart from me

Who else knows

you’re fashioned for keeps.

i can’t believe you let me in.

my senses can never cope with that.


📱 1 message from ‘Lolo 💍’

”how do you expect me to recover from this good morning text ”


“‘what are you talking about woman 😊I’m composing myself so I can.

.. call you and read it to you”



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