Hands of God

Hands of God

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what happened to the child

who dropped his toys

ask him what he found

ask him who he met

toys fall off kids who find something new.

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God, you placed me here so i could

feel your lavish hands

handling my soul for the rest

of my life.

your hands they,

put me to sleep

deeper than my pillow goes

i tell people i sleep on a bed

I’m a liar

IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND    By: Gary L. Rodgers        I know who holds me in the palm of their hand each night when I go to sleep.  Their promise to keep me safe for eternity is my hope and joy to keep.  In the palm of His hand is the scar from Calvary where He paid my debt in full.  In the palm of His hand is where I can rest safely on all of His promises sure.:

and in the morning your hands draw open

the curtains for my eyes to take in that

spiritual sunshine.

such holy hands stretched out to entire nations

and the touch between your people and yourself….

is the push that gives life

where babies cry to breathe life.

how i love to look for your hands

all over my day, in all places.

whether a thousand suns happy

or a hundred feet sorrowful

i know where to run to

i could leave everything behind

at the sight of your arms.

i don’t remember how my toys look like

he doesn’t remember how his toys look like

that’s what happens

when you delight in something new

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