Healing humanity

Healing humanity

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Morning meant nothing to me.

Nothing was new about how the streets would be

I was still the little homeless girl no one would see

My brother was embodied by filth from the trash can

Taking in what he thought his tummy can.

Meal time is forever a suffocating relationship


And observe… I say brother because my usual, is his usual

We are forced to be family because we are unfamiliar together.

Everyone invisible to the money world

Is visible to my visual…

I see myself in anyone who hungers like me

Dry chapped lips always speaking silence like me

Hopeless eyes forbidden to see luxury

And my cracked skin is your exhibition of rejected art

 I am a mosaic of the desert floor

That’s how you make me feel when you stare with condolence

The fight for wealth is all I have ever known

And now I know of two worlds

The one on our street and the one on yours

Separated by a thin imaginary line

not the one in your geographical books

the ones i will never peruse.

you call it status quo.

Its been a while but one day

One of you will cross the street

Calm our envy,

Feed our empty

And heal humanity.

It’s been a while please…

I just want to see someone healing humanity


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