House of memoirs

House of memoirs

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House of memoirs

Thank you for keeping us warm


I can see everything that ever happened between him and I

i see a beige bouncy couch…

his folks and mine were having tea and grand talks

Less furniture meant we had to, fit into that beige bouncy couch

We were both secretly happy.

 The old creaky Spiral staircase,

which led to my bedroom

the only room he never saw.

Crocheted Cambodian carpet,

where he pinned me down to, in all our fights

The glass coffee table,

where we drew the world’s ugliest drawings

with the most beautiful crayons.

The corridor walls,

where we hang those displeasing drawings for everyone to see

The narrow hallway

where we paraded our imaginary wedding

in front of all our stuffed animals and dolls

It was a quiet wedding we should have invited real people perhaps?

The kitchen counter

where all the magic happened when we were eighteen

The hammock on the porch

where we read our bibles.

The roof top’s roof,

where we beheld astronomy late into the nights.

The front door,

where he fixed his bow tie

before I let him see me in the white dress that was only worn once.

House of memories we are leaving now

To make another house our home

but before that i must take him

take him to the room he never saw.

(inspired by the ‘paintings’ done at Irene’s house)

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