I know that look

I know that look

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There’s no hiding from you

I can’t dress my wounds and hold back the bleeding in your presence

Every time I let pain tuck me in my bed I turn my head and you’re at my side

There’s no fake smiling with you

You know the contours that run at my mouth’s edges when i’m really smiling

I’ve distracted you with endless talking

But you know I haven’t said a single word of what’s bothering my soul

pointing you to all the false pictures that I’ve painted for display

But you know I have paintings and sculptuors covered up in the back.

‘Take me to the where no one sees’

And so we go.

To the hidden.

The covered up.

The shameful.

I’m unready for what you’ll say about the ugly

But you walked in that place like you’ve been there before

‘I’ts been a while since you let me in here

Everything is aching to be touched by my love’

You sit and you watch me

How I know that look…

everything of mine that’s been dying gives notice to you.

How I know that look.

You’re asking for permission

to fix and move things around.

To lay some things to rest

and to resurrect what’s lifeless

You’re asking for the key to this back room

so you can be coming back more often

And so that I can never lock myself in here ever again.

You’re asking for trust… surrender

I’m reluctant…

but so far all that’s happened since you walked in

has been pure and true.

I can see that you want this for me more than I can understand

My heart opens up and you light up immediately.

This is what you came for.

My heart





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