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                You’re going to have a daughter one day.

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       she’s going to have your tender eyes.

you’re going to love giving her rides on your back.

And your older son,

will need you to explain why you let his sister

give you a make over.

he’ll say you look like an ugly version of mum.

you’re going to wonder how you’ll compensate,

for him seeing you in lipstick.


         you’re going to have a daughter one day.

she’ll start using ribbons before her friends do.

you’re going to ask her who gave her that bohemian  bracelet.

she’s going to laugh,

kiss you goodbye and run away.

you’re going to have to guess which of the

Tupac looking boys in her class is after your little girl.

but it’s one of the older boys

and you won’t have a clue till you read her diary.


you’re going to have a daughter one day.

she’s going to use the bathroom forever.

your boys at work are going to be late too,


they have daughters too…

And the locker room is full of their pictures.

she’s going to design the next jersey

and the team will love it.

just like they did the first time

when her mother designed it.

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you’re going to have a daughter one day.

you’re going to want to throw her phone away.

she’s going to be conscious of her freckles.

it will take time for her to realize that her bum needs squats

but not more than that her heart needs God.

you’re going to be around for her more often,

dropping her off while checking out her escort.

referring to all the men in her life with one common name.

you egocentric man!


you’re going to have a daughter one day

  she’s going to be gracing the campus hallways.

 she will hack a deal to be performing at a small restaurant,

      her voice will feed her audiences more than the menu ever will.

 she’ll tell you what to wear for her graduation.

there’s a constant man you’ll keep seeing her with.

and you’ll hear her and her mother talk about him at home.

you’re going to have a drink with him

aware that you are losing your little girl to him.

she’s going to tell you she is in love.

     she’ll have dew in her eyes,

      just like her mother when you asked her to be yours.

it’s going to be overwhelming for you.

you’re going to dramatically ‘die’ and wake up at the wedding.

must i say it?

she’ll laugh with you,

kiss you

and run away.








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