Lakini bado

Lakini bado

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Tayari ulinipata…

Lakini bado nahisi humalizi kunichukua moyo.

You didn’t stop at my yes.

You keep coming around

With a different song

And a deeper glance.

Constant even In between my indecisive.

unconditional is a word that was invented for you.

Beautiful how

Who you love becomes beloved.

Because where my soul stood

is a pool.

I’ve been melting away.

you ambush my mind with your words

they’re spirit and life.

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i am gladly defeated

Giving in.

Soaked in wonder of how

Eternal love has made me

His pursuit.

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  • artoftheperfurmer 15/09/2020 at 3:02 am

    Me *sighs as I am gladly defeated* because eternal love is in pursuit of me😭😭💛💛

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