Boldly exist

Boldly exist

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She looks at herself with hatred and disgust. I see the way she stands uncomfortable in her skin, as if it wasnt hers. As if she didn't belong there. I want to take her in my arms and kiss the self loathing part of her soul out of existence. I want to yell and scream at the demons inside her head. I want to strengthen the beauty in side her and make her see that she is everything i need and more.

Don’t be apologetic…

about your existence.

At all.

Because you are a unique expression of the one who made you.

He had to be seen through you in a specific way.

Don’t hold back your laugh…

or feel sorry for the space you take up.

You’re not too loud or too quiet for the ones who are for you.

You’re not barely needed or unwanted.

Irreplaceable is what you are in your maker’s heart…

You’re not a regret he has in the back of his head;

like why did i make her- I shouldn’t have created him?

It’s not better if you just disappeared.

Or if you swapped personalities with someone else

Because You’re not unseen.

You have a subtle yet very powerful presence about you

You have substance inside you that overcomes every bad thing.

You’re not fading away and becoming an old thing…

For You were made new to stay new.

So Don’t hold back who you are,

someone somewhere needs what you have.

they’re opening up their heart and letting your story in…

Learning from all that’s unfolding in your life.

You are chosen.

And even when its hard and it doesn’t feel like you bring God glory …

I want you to know,

He’s already such a proud father

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