My life

My life

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you give us a way to respond to your beauty.

you give us worship.

we can respond to your beauty.

My God lets me respond to His nature.

Lets me tell Him who He is to me.

Lets me minister to His heart.

Lets me respond to His extravagant beauty.

I didn’t create worship when I first worshipped Him.

He did.

He did.

He showed up. He spoke and He was to me who He truly is

and He gave me a way to respond to His beauty.

I wouldn’t have this worship if He didn’t give it to me.

I wouldn’t worship Him if He wouldn’t show me His heart…

I had to know Him.

I had to give Him permission.

Had to let Him in.

Best decision I ever made.

I started living when He started living in me

My life didn’t begin when I was born

It begun when I met Him.

He had my life with Him.

He was keeping it for me.

My life was hidden in Him and I didn’t even know it

Jesus had something of mine.

He had my very life.

I had to see Him to see my life.

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