My Rock

My Rock

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You are shaking everything in sight…

Sieving off the valueless and facing all my strongholds.

You are pulling down the kingdoms I have built without you.

You are releasing a sound so mighty,

Its bringing down every lie I have ever believed .

You… are making a decree and your word is resounding across all my being.

You… are waging war on all the chains that tied my hands,

These hands were always meant to be lifted to you.

And Your love… Your love is furious about the sinking sand i’ve called my home ground.

You… are passionate about having me hostile to darkness.

You want me full of light and truth.

I see You setting me on a rock higher than myself.


You are reminding me that you did it once and for all when you nailed and pinned down death.

You already made a public spectacle of every single thing that held a knife to my neck.

Wrestled it all and victory is always your testimony…

You are so beautiful.

No one has ever stood before you without the enablement of Christ

Every knee has weakened and fell to the ground before you.

Because of the intensity of who you are.

I praise you for your rare beauty.

I call sacred the ground you tread on.

I am who I am because of who you are.

I follow you closely because you are my life.

Yes I kiss your hand with heavy hearted gratitude.

It still blesses me to know you kept the scars.


You always rise toward me with ruins and spoils from the battles you fight for me.

I can never get intimate with defeat,

I can never sit at table with fear and give him an audience,

I can’t exchange or trade words with shame.

Because my winning champion lover always rises toward me with a ‘we-did-it’ every time He goes for conquest

Gives me the winning and tells me ”you-did-it”…

And I see me in His eyes.

In His eyes, I do what He does.

I conquer and I advance into more and more territory.

And He prepares me for the win in the most unseen ways…

I’ve learnt to hold up the shield when He sits me down to tell me He loves me and I believe it.

I’ve learned to raise the sword when He’s  walked me past my rage and emotions and into the word.

He’s taught me to fasten my belt when He shows me His heart toward a world with an empty people… hungry for truth.


So shake the ground i’m standing on and only the solid rock will hold me up

shake, brake, destroy, build, restore, establish.

And always call me to your intimate presence so you can remind me that…

Even in these undoings, I am not a victim.

The unlearning won’t undo me,

The re-aligning won’t harm me…

I am your precious one.

And your love won’t leave me where it found me.

so shake the ground i’m standing on and only the solid rock will hold me up.

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prophetic art piece by Alex Waruru. The entire painting is witheld.


The reign of Jesus challenges everything i’ve ever known to be true.

So let the lies be unmasked. 

  • Beautiful piece ♥️

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  • Shake the ground I’m standing on and only the solid rock will hold me up
    Oh God
    So beautiful
    Glory Glory
    I love what God is doing in your life
    Sana Sana
    Love you

  • artoftheperfurmer 26/07/2019 at 11:02 am

    Even in these undoings, I am not a victim..the re-aligning won’t harm …I am your precious one 🙌

    This piece describes the season I’m in!💯
    An amazing piece😍! Oh Connie your journey is beautiful, and it’s oozing down to your art too. Glory to glory🌌

  • God as we know Him is a Rock upon which every soul seeks refuge in times of trouble.
    Of all the words that came to mind, this poem is edifying.

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