150 150 poetnari

We called her Niagra
Yes like the waterfall


Because the first time she cried out
I heard the outpouring of my love
Cascading down my future
like a raging waterfall
The bliss pool below it being the reservoir
Of all the memories she would give me.

And they placed her on my bedside
She was the beauty on my pillow
Such a heavenly view of lushness


Innocence I wish I could bottle up
And give it to her when she was older
So that she wouldn’t change

Twelve years down the line
She comes home running not fine
They didn’t pick her to play Cinderella
She spills the tears on my bedside
Only our eyes could see her thundering inside

Ripped at her edges
I hemmed her with my embrace
Stroke her hair and loved her again
Reminded her who she is

Got her smiling.
And the gods of time,

let me stay there for a while longer,

                                                       With The beauty on my pillow.


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