Nothing unfinished

Nothing unfinished

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Gallery of Grand Rapids Art Museum: LEED Gold Certified / wHY Architecture - 8

You took me down a hall of paintings and portraits

and showed me all the memories you have of us…

You’ve pinned up so many of them.

Some are of moments I didn’t know you were present…

When I look at the images it comes alive to me that you were there with me all along.

The paintings are full of life and they are in motion every time I look at them.

This tells me that

You treasure every conversation we have.

You treasure every step I take in response to you.

You treasure every attempt I make to walk after your ways.

You treasure me.

I am the delight of your heart.


And when I look for the memories you’ve kept of the times I go astray and brake your heart,

You give me a blank and strange look…

And the words that proceed from your heart are,

” I keep no records of that”

”I don’t remember them”

”Those things… They don’t settle in my heart towards you.”

my transgressions are never before your eyes…

My being becomes heavy with the weight of what you’ve said and…

We walk further down the halls.

The more you speak the heavier the weight of your glory.

The more your heart is revealed.

I start to see there are empty frames of paintings you have not done yet…

And when I see unfinished and blank canvases

I’m confused and in wonder all at once…

I ask you ”what are these going to be?

Why haven’t you started this one…

why have you not finished this one?””

you say

”nothing here is unfinished. It is all finished.

You’re still learning how to see my works.

You’re still entering the rest of what I’ve done for you.

You’re still getting to know me and my plans.”

talking about… how

these were the places you are still preparing me to enter into with you.

Experiences I was yet to have…

A greater receiving of you and who you are.


There’s so much promise in the life you’ve called us into.

you’re in waiting to perform your word more than we are in waiting to see it.

you’re so beautiful.

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