Pink on a man

Pink on a man

150 150 poetnari

the way You look at her way in a sea of a billion people…

on purpose

You’d show mercy to no one but she in a gang of thieves…

on purpose

You have sang her to sleep in all of your dreams

With the songs you ripped and threw out the window

I’ve read them all big brother

And you’ve been looking at that ring in that store all week…

on purpose

Never… have i seen a man

covet a piece of jewellery with all that passion

Is that on purpose too?

you watch her lips to see the names she speaks

waiting to see her mouthing yours

I know you hope she would call it…

on purpose

i see you have a different breathing pattern

controlled by her absence

manipulated by her presence

who knew love makes a man asthmatic

thinking deeper and talking sweeter

laughing harder like humor never existed till she existed

you suddenly have a frequent pinkness to your cheeks

that no man carries around in his right mind

get rid of it.

all that pinkness

It’s hilarious


You mushy bag of bones

And you can fool her

fool everyone else

but not me

I’m too stupefied by love

not to notice it when I see it.

so be a go getter and


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