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I’m taking back my hard no’s

Uncensored and unfiltered

And a true reflection about how I really feel

About you asking me to cross my boundaries

Conformity’s reward is that everyone likes you but yourself

And I crave a relationship with myself that is honest

Where I can stand the girl in the mirror and

Say I am correctly dating her and ferociously guarding her worth

When you come to my arena greet my brokenness with grace

But test my maturity with how relentless I am to heal

I’m taking back the permission I subconsciously gave you

To criticize what I do for a living

When I did not proudly own it

You no longer have the power to

Make me smaller than you want to

I am now the elephant in the room

Clearing the air from your suffocating opinions of me world

Yes I suffer weakness

But you will do well to remember

To stop clothing me with the skin and face of your monsters

I’m taking back my slow mornings

Unrushed and detached from everyone else’s pace

Where I can hear my thoughts thinking:

I am not indebted to yesterday

Today is the moon and I will walk on it

I have my chance and I will not waste it

Seeing is believing? no believing is seeing

And I see me

I see me reaching the horizon of my destiny

And my actions? They reflect it

Today is prophetic

I’m about to move like a stallion

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