Tea, coffee and love

Tea, coffee and love

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Our differences are sickening.
They put me straight to bed
With an empty stomach… and an empty heart.
But with a full start the imaginations start.

It’s how much your mocha
Right next to my cappuccino
Smells nothing like our love.


I’m full of chocolate and you’re milk made.
You prefer the more ancient things
And I’m inclined to tomorrow
You are my future
I succumb to the thought of my forthcoming
Being your homecoming
Into my home I see you coming.


So how are you going to do that?
When we send each other straight to hell
And at the same time you love me up straight to heaven.

Salvation and damnation don’t make a pleasant cup of tea…
But we take coffee.
So should we talk about tea love or our love…

Might as well skip breakfast
Take a break first…
Needing time to acquire immunization
So I can live with you
Without killing me
So you can bring me life

Just life… no poison.
Life tastes better.

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