That soul won’t stop

That soul won’t stop

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Have you ever desired something so bad

That you’d want it all over again every morning

Right after you died to it the previous night

empty bed empty sheets lonely pillow

forgive me

Last night those dreams kept me awake

Like the ghost of my future that loved me enough

To come back and keep me fueled

All through my toddler tales and puberty lies

I knew my stories of yesterday night

Would start and end with

Music and dance… and dance.

Not always on my feet

Sometimes in my head with the beat

I fall and sleep right there, yes right there

On False dance floors

that have real marks carved in deep

by moves that had to be learnt

those marks deserve to be forgiven

for telling my story too insanely

but what do I know about sanity

because As soon as the music is on

mentality don’t happen no more

I mean


That soul won’t stop.

And there’s a section of my heart

That Makes it’s way to my head

and I know I need I need an asylum.

i am, never going to be the same.

So Rich mzungu don’t come to my Afrika

Unless you build me mansions for kizomba

And halls for tango, Rambo and salsa

Streets for hip hop. Oh hip hop, my love…

real dance floors To fall on to

how can I sleep now sand man?

I smell that insomnia from an age away

I can see that fulfillment from a prayer a day

I can hear that waltz from a tide at bay

that soul won’t stop

that love can’t go

it’s too late

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