Till sunrise rained

Till sunrise rained

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There’s a song that kissed me good morning today.

you know it sounded new but felt familiar.

I let it play till the sunrise rained

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Sat up straight.

Washed my face.

Beautiful song hadn’t left my company.

Who left it here? I mean…

I wasn’t planning to be serenaded.

over at breakfast the melody went up and down my throat,

crossing paths with my milk and cereal.


hello to self, what’s going on?

I’m not  in love with nobody,

So who’s singing in there?


Rode the bus,

Ran errands,

Strolled the park

Met the friend I made yesterday.

He’s the type of friend you don’t forget.

The type who makes you count the hours left till you see them next.


And i noticed how

the song stopped every time he spoke.

knocked out of myself

tried not to act surprised.

I went with it, never fought it one bit.


(he sounded like the song)


I wanted to yell it to his face

You’re the song!

You’re the joy I’ve been having.

But I didn’t tell him  and you wouldn’t too so,

We let him leave.


And  his words stayed in my spirit as a song.

A song that made my life possible.

A song that changes every morning.

How is it that…

You didn’t even ask him who he was?

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