Tungelelewa pamoja

Tungelelewa pamoja

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Best believe that

You will always receive my selfless

Because my instinct

Is to share life with you.

so I

I stoop down with parched lips

to drink from the waters of imagination

in my head,

That show me how simple and sweet it would be

If we were playmates,

Kama tungelelewa pamoja.

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But If wishes were horses

Beggars would ride?


Lovers would ride

Because I’d give you mine

you’d hoist me up

see ho we place our love on a horse

and we ride.

Tungelelewa pamoja

All my toys would have details

of both you and me.

love from you and love from me

chaos from you and chaos from me.

Do you see it now?

All that is missing around me

finds its way to you.

pawing at your front door like a pup

laid down and motionless

ready to find second home.

take me in.

it will please you to know that

I love seeing what I find valuable

ending up with you

Finding its way between us two.

and you let it happen

You’re so beautiful.

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