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Your heart is extravagant.

Like an endless field with no end.

For you are the endless promise of freedom for my spirit.

For the untamed sons to run wild and free,

To seek you and to find you.

And when you open my eyes you make me see that,

Your heart is my home.

I’m not restricted or unwelcome.

I’m not a stranger or a visitor.

The gates are open for me here.

The servants clothe me and put a ring on my finger whenever I come back.

The gates are open for me.

And there’s no place in your heart,

That I can’t enter in as long as your spirit is leading me there.

Your heart is mine to always seek and always find.

There’s no collar on my neck-

no chains on my legs!

Like a wild horse on the endless plains,

like an eagle in the endless skies- full of life,

like a dolphin in the vast deep oceans,

your heart is mine and I cannot be denied.

I can run wild from one end of your heart to the other,

marveling at the things that you have prepared for me,

Overwhelmed by the beauty and drunk with the truth of it all.

Your heart is mine, you have opened the gates.

you keep tearing the veil, you narrow the distance till we’re closer than ever.

you keep calling me out, with nothing in between.

My heart sees your heart and it says ‘He is mine’.

I am free here and this is where I live.

In you I live move and have my being.

And every time I open my eyes to where I live…

I realise that nothing more glorious has ever existed before you or after you.

Nothing has ever stood before you or after you with a name as supreme as yours.

No other love has, or ever will give access to Life.

You are the beginning and the end.

The evening and the morning star.

The shore and the deep.

You are everything to me.

I know I started living when I met you.

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