When detail meets detail

When detail meets detail

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One day I know i’ll look back and find that you were in the details.

One day I’ll look back and see a beautifully put together puzzle,

that I had no idea was coming into place. 68ac26b155ff85d3a67b309c3a1ac0ee[1]

I’ve realised that your ways are not my ways and sometimes I don’t remember that…

Your wisdom sorta looks like foolishness from where I’m standing.

Sometimes I forget how great you are.

I trust me more than i trust you- so I get off where you’ve placed me…

and I go where I think I fit best…

But what I don’t know I’ve done is that I was the nose and I moved to where the ear was

So I just made the puzzle look like an ogre (no offence shrek) or some poor art form…

And even then you still know what to do with me…


Your ways are like a woven carpet or tapestry…


that started out with a single string playing a part from one end to the other.

What a single string is to a tapestry is what one detail of my life is in your eyes…

It matters…

It’s part of the grand design.

The beauty of a detail is that it joins with another detail to give the bigger picture its glory.

You, my God are in the details. 

You weave circumstances and situations into a plan that turns out to be goodness unto me.

You took a single detail of a mess I made in 2012

and what it’s given birth to is a blessing in 2018.

You exist in all times and ages and you have all the wisdom required to make a masterpiece out of anything that is in your hand…

Nakusifu sana.


Your ways are like a painter and His canvas.

I’m your canvas. 

And as you paint over me,

I try to make sense out of strokes and lines…

that at the moment only look like… strokes and lines.


Like why did I have to be here at this time…

or why didn’t I catch that opportunity when it mattered most in my life.

Why did he leave…

And why is this season so quiet.

Your strokes and lines don’t make sense sometimes…

But when detail meets detail I eventually see that

You had an image in mind all along.

You always predestine me to conform to the final image.

I’ve found that you make the most beautiful image out of every canvas you’ve claimed. 

And it melted my heart when you said that-

my mistakes are your canvas,

And you would make undeniable beauty out of them.

My imperfections don’t take away from your perfect ways.


Inspired by Him revealing Romans 8.28 to me over the years…

28 So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. H 

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