Wings grow back

Wings grow back

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I took a different turn in the streets,

this time round in my sleep

In the lanes within my brain

and came face to face with my replica

our heartbeats were in tandem identica

                                                my mother never told me I had a twin…


but those lustful eyes were new to me

she walked right through me and past me

Followed her through the whole city yes I did

Saw all the men she gave affection to

                                                I recognized each one of them as if I…

I followed her to that club of strip

Saw her wipe her tears before she went to flip

And they called her candy and treated her sweet

not like caviar.

i don’t mean licorice.

sweet like the bitterness she run away with from that club of strip

now there were marks where her wings used to be.

Running like an unforgivable soul,to a prison cell

Made it in time for Visiting hours she told him she’d bail him out

he was coming home to his wife and kids

But this man didn’t call her candy and didn’t defile her, no

so the lust in her eyes disappeared.

I leaned to look at the prisoner’s face held in her hands

And woke up in the arms of my man

                                                                  Deep in his embrace

relieved i ran my hands across my back.

yes, the wings grew back.

 be convinced.
I have no twin.
it’s Just me

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