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There is a type of woman that the world wants you to be

But you are the kind that doesn’t have a structure to fit

You are as wild as your love for the wild

So don’t reform your precious form just to perform

The girl that is enough- you are her

The girl who Shows up for herself

And meets her day with an ache to have it all and do it all

Be Gentle with yourself, on the days that are not equal

Routine has its glamor and its ugly phases its like a sequel

But The girl who sees big magic in the mundane- You are her

Hello there, speaking lady- with the Earth-shaking words baby

When you speak In front of a crowd

wisdom leaves your mouth like arrows that hit their target

But in the times where no one is looking

 love how you give your heart out when you write on your journal

As if its sacred to keep some poetry to yourself

You’re your own therapist sometimes

Writing letters to yourself, addressing your maker with gratitude

What an attitude

The girl who commands her morning and evenings, you are her.

Speaking of mornings,

Mornings lead to mirrors and mirrors lead to questions

Some that you know the answers to already

You know you’re beautiful

But it takes courage to believe that

Every, single, day.

Like Mirror mirror on the what? No!

The girl that is not asking for permission

For validation- You are Her.

Look at you

Raising standards

They look at you like it’s the simplest thing to do

To make a house into a home

Or to be a house and a home to another human being

Know one knows the way it feels like to push the way you do

They look at you like it’s the simplest thing to do

To give colors and shapes the privilege to dance on canvas

You’re a work of art making works of art , Own that!

See The world doesn’t revolve around you…- it spins inside you

God’s Angels don’t just live above you they walk beside you

Strengthening you to accomplish your assignments

The woman that is fully human and fully divine you are her

The woman grounded on a path that’s not tethered to the earth you are her

The WOMAN WHO Can carry herself and be carried when its tough       

Stop carrying your weight like it’s something you regret

You have mass so take up space like you’re the matter

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