You exhale creativity.

You exhale creativity.

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Dear creative

Let’s talk about, you.

So what’s the creative process like?

Isn’t it amazing how God shares with us his nature of being a creator. I mean look around… Writers, make up artists, interior designers, song writers, chefs, architects, choreographers, photographers, the list is endless. (Let’s not forget meme-makers) And stylists like Kazuri. These are not just professions I’m mentioning, they are gifts people have. Being in the art industry isn’t primarily what makes you a creative.

Creation is so vast! What does it even mean to make something of your own? Does it get hard? What are the challenges?  When it’s over are you satisfied?

‘So what do you feel when you create something Darsy? Like your paintings… or vases’

‘’ I get really excited. Because I have a vision.. and I want to see it come through. So first I sketch it down… then start working. ‘’


awww… She looks so alive up in here.

Her: ‘’I won’t lie, one may feel like giving up… cause its not coming to form… but that’s when you should stick through it. So many trials and errors, but that’s what makes  it better.’’

One of the challenges we face when making something is when what we want to express doesn’t look ANYTHING like it does in our head. (expectations vs. reality haha) It’s not the image you have in your mind and it’s frustrating or cringy to see your work when it’s premature. But how are you going to perfectly express if you don’t start to express at all.

Darsy: ‘’ Hey, God gives you a vision, go for it.  You will grow in the process. The journey is amazing!! Never give up.’’

*  *

Nicole -my big sizzy- is a writer and by faith a soon-to-be author.

Me: ‘ Ndanu, what challenge do you face whenever you write something?’

Her: ‘The fact that people misunderstand who you are and why you are writing…

Another challenge people face when creating is The audience’s opinion. What will they think? Will they understand my concept? Will they Like it and pass it on like I want them to?

Is what I have to offer worth receiving?

Creativity has to do with vulnerability.

Don’t think too much about whether your art or work will be accepted by everyone. Not everyone will like your stuff. But you see, you’re part of a bigger thing and someone will find exactly what they need in what you do. let me repeat that, someone will find exactly what they need in what you do. They may not tell it to you as often as you’d like to hear it but feedback is not your Lord. For all you know you may have a small following but the influence you have over the few is large enough to cause a spiral effect over a generation baby.

Expressing what’s in you. A business idea… a song… a poem… a dance… it wants out and you’re being a cage to it.

So don’t be afraid of being seen. I like to think that, vulnerability is the kind of nudity that’s not obscene.

*  *

I ask John at  ‘\what importance he places on people’s opinion toward his writing and he says, ‘They are a great priority since they are the ones I do it for. So I really value people’s feedback on my pieces. I also usually tend to ask them for the issues that they think I should work on.’

Nothing wrong with relating with your audience, getting feedback and suggestions. Here’s a plus for me, something Nick Gitau always tells me, is to write from my heart.

Because fear of not meeting people’s expectations can also hold someone back. What I’d tell myself or anyone else on this is to breathe. Not literally. I mean breathe like… take in -inhale- something different apart from this pressure to do something perfect. It’s easier on your lungs.

Lastly, Comparison is another major let down to any journey.

Inspirational quotes for designers and other creatives. I want to print this as a #poster and hang it in my office!

My dance partner from mansion once told me that, we will never dance like our choreographers. You’ve taught me this dance but I look different when doing it no matter how much I try to do it like you. I learnt that it was okay to do it like me. What I have -when I really open my eyes- is a gift to you and what you have is a gift to me.

Stick to your lane because you wouldn’t want to miss the beauty of your journey while staring at other people’s.

*  *

Differently gifted people face different challenges along the way.

Shout out to my love kid, who just started learning how to make clothes! It’s really heartwarming to see her glowing about it. She told me that her challenge right now, being a beginner and all is having straight lines on her fabric and pressing her foot just right, on the machine and at accurate intervals. God there’s a way she said it that reminded me the beauty of small things… the basics. Do you remember how happy you were the first time you felt like you nailed it at something?

Quin over here is always doing her thing creating diverse looks, playing around with all that’s in her closet. And she is never playing it safe with her looks, always mixing up things and looking like a new character each day. What she contests with is conformity. 

To the account owners of ‘Dear Hailey’ and ‘wrecklessly loved’, Cheers to pitching up your newly and long awaited blogs. I’m a fan.

*  *

Thank you for engaging with me!



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