You in my lungs

You in my lungs

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it was a movie date

You were so close, so close.

The smell of you was so sweet too sweet
Tasting your words as they spilled from your lips
What were you even saying
What were you… even… saying?

Entrapped by your air
I waited for you to exhale
So I could inhale.
I was all over your scent
Manipulated by your aura
I was dizzy with love

Your breath, it picked me up and pushed me against the wall
Span me and pinned me to the floor
It embraced me, loosely like you were telling me
I could leave if I wanted to
But I wanted no such thing


Devoured by your undertone
Shushed me so harsh I might never speak
And I waited till evening
So that the smell of you in my dreams
Would assure me that your air will always belong to me

And I pray that you will share it with me all my life
Because I stupid love, having fragments of you in my lungs

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