Your songs, my songs.

Your songs, my songs.

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Your songs were my songs…

I loved to take what is yours and make it mine.

You defined me,

You gave me rhythm,

You gave me tune,

We had a beat.

We were ”fast car” by jonas blue,

We were ”the other” by lauv,

We were ”roses” by James Arthur,

We were ”let your hair down” by magic …

Until  I got a case of two left feet.

you had other songs I couldn’t keep up with.

And the dance stopped half way.

We never met where we left off.

Now I’m ”letting go” by steffanny gretzinger,

I’m ”unizingizile” by that south African worship band,

I’m now ”tremble” by bethel…

Sometimes I’m ”Joanna” by afro B.

Turns out we had our own separate songs in us.

You had keys I couldn’t join in on.

I had melodies you couldn’t walk in on.

You see I had to find me before finding you.

You had to sing alone before you let me join in.

So there we were.

A bad song,

An old tune.

It breaks my heart to know that I can exist without you.

And that you can too.

Keep singing.

Keep finding God and finding you.

Keep singing the father’s songs.

I’m at it too.

I’ll see you where the chorus needs both me and you to praise together.

See you where the song picks up and worship pours out.

See you in broad day light, we will not dance in the dark.

My songs are bright now.

They bring dry bones to life.

And I know you’re crowned too.

See you where the father has prepared for us.

If that place doesn’t exist,

Then we don’t too.

And you can sing just fine without me.

You’re a king before the queen walks in.

And the King of kings..

He’s your song.

The father is your song.

I’ll fade in the background just to watch you lay hold of glory.

I’ll step back to watch you sing with the one that really matters.

I’ll give up strife for grace.

I’ll give up fantasy for process.

I’ll give up nice for holy.

I’ll give up games for wisdom.

I’ll give up lust for love.


let God have him and let God love him.

he is His before he is yours.

All things will work for both of your good.

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